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Our belief is that the value of a product does not relate to its price amount or brand popularity; instead, it depends on getting the performance which equals the paid price. We believe that only the user's ability and skillfulness in utilizing the machine is crucial rather than high price, high specification or sharp accuracy of the product.

In order to help our Customers realize this and help in their businesses, Sales Persons, Technical Support & Services Engineers, and all Supporting Staffs of Amigos always have to attend the workplace training courses respectively. That includes all the overseas courses, local courses and in-house courses.

Sales Persons (who are the Amigos Sales Consultants) have to take the responsibilities of consulting the Customers for choosing and purchasing the products that would fit with their businesses, considering together with the Customers in choosing the long-term applicable products that actually fit for their businesses rather than unnecessarily having purchased expensive products, helping them get the ideas and ways required to use the purchased items for long-term, etc.

Technical Support Staffs have to take the responsibilities of Customers (or) End Users being able to utilize the machines skillfully, helping them in measuring at the actual workplaces, helping them get the correct measurement results, helping solve what the remote customers want to know and their problems via phone and social media.

Services Engineers have to take the responsibilities of pre-examining the items at our company before handed to the Customers, checking whether the measurement results made by the machines are correct, whether the machine works properly, and whether the components of the machine are complete or not. Moreover, it also includes the do's and don'ts for long-term usage of the machines, notifying the time for calibration, and repairing the machines received at the Service Center in the fastest and the best way.

Contact Us

SH-B5(4), Malikha Housing, Yadanar Road,14 Ward Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: 01 - 3566717, 3560135, 3569732
Hp:- 09-443087709, 09 - 5025972, 09 - 260268660,
09 - 421757943, 09 - 422530472
Hot Line: 09 - 261995037, 09 - 252429734, 09 - 262625207
Fax: 01 - 3566717 (Ext -111)

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Mandalay Office

Building No: A-2, Shwe Nan Taw Housing (1), 18st x 19st, Between 58st x 59st, Nan Shae, Aung Myae Thar Zan Tsp, Mandalay.

Phone : 09 - 261995039,
09 - 250678506, 09 - 978888549

[email protected]

Naypyitaw Office

No. Pa/213, Tha Pyay Kone Market Street, Naypyidaw.

Phone : 067 - 3432535,
09 - 421169397, 09 - 400980817