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At present, Amigos International Co., Ltd is working on sales, distribution and service for measurement equipments in Myanmar.

(i)     Surveying Instrument & Accessories
(ii)    Soil, Concrete & Asphalt Testing Equipment
(iii)   Weather, Environmental & Laboratory Testing Equipment
(iv)   Oil & Gas Exploration and Testing Equipment
(v)    Teaching Aid Instrument
(vi)   Tool and Equipment
(vii)  Services & Training

1) Surveying Instrument and Accessories     


surveying instrument accessories 

The most fundamental and foremost task in the whole construction sector is "Surveying". Only the accurate Geodetic Survey Data can reduce the high costs of construction processes that are being conducted. It can also obviate the commonly occurring Material Wasting and Time Wasting during construction processes.

Amigos International Co., Ltd has been serving for import and distribution of Geodetic Survey and construction used measurement equipment from rulers, measuring tapes to laser, UAV, etc., Robotic Total Station provision of machine handling training as after-sales service, practical demonstration at the Customers' workplaces and Calibration. Amigos is always prioritizing its sold products to meet their original quality specifications. The respective departments take their roles in checking whether the survey instruments' robustness meets the testing standards, and whether the components are complete or not. Other services such as translations of User Manuals into Myanmar language, in order for the users' easier use of the instruments, and do's and don'ts instructions for long-term usage are also clearly input in Burmese language.

Amigos International Co., Ltd aims at distributing Geodetic Surveying instruments not only for the construction sector but also for the education sector. Under Amigos International Co., Ltd, the following Geodetic Surveying instruments are available for sale at Amigos office branches in Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw cities.

2) Soil, Concrete and Asphalt Testing Equipment


soil concrete asphalt testing equipment

Prior to construction work, the fundamental and essential soil investigation work as Physical Test and Material Test are required to be carried out. At Amigos International Co., Ltd, laboratory testing equipment such as Atterberg Limit, Consolidation, Direct Shear, CBR (California Bearing Ratio Machine), Triaxial Machine that are required for soil investigation work, those that can be used at the fields such as Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Proving Ring Penetrometer, Soul Moisture Meter, Plate Bearing Testing Machine, , those that can be used at the fields such as Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Proving Ring Penetrometer, Soil Moisture Meter, Plate Bearing Testing Machine, those that can be used in test measuring the ductility of concrete in constructing roads and buildings such as Compression Machine, Rebound Hammer, Concrete Moisture Meters as well as those that can test measure the quality and stickiness of Asphalt such as Marshall Testing Machine, Ductility Machine, Centrifuge Extractor, Viscometer etc. are being imported and distributed.

Moreover, the purchased equipment is also delivered directly to your offices, departments, factories, schools, etc., and for more efficient usage, Amigos conducts Installation, Application Knowledge Training and Calibration.

Aimed at long-term usage of purchased equipments, Amigos also consults about do's and don'ts, methods of maintenance, ways of checking robustness, etc. It has also operated the Service Center that can repair if anything goes out of order.

Amigos International Co., Ltd is now distributing and selling a variety of Soil Testing Equipments, Concrete Testing Equipments and Asphalt Testing Equipments at its Yangon (Head) office, Mandalay and Naypyidaw branches in order to fulfill your business needs.


3) Weather, Environmental, Horticulture Scientific & Laboratory Testing Equipment


weather 1

In world's great nations, Environmental Conservation sector is being conducted as the most important sector with various departments and organizations. Now, the developed countries are working to balance each nation's ecosystem by conserving the resources and the environment.

Today, Myanmar government departments, organizations and companies also cooperate with international organizations since the environmental conservation role is becoming of paramount importance. Amigos International Co., Ltd had been distributing and selling many civil measurement equipments and now contributing in some way in national important environmental conservation sector by importing distributing the required wind, water and land conservation-related measuring equipments.

For Environmental Conservation Measurement equipment, in addition to those for direct use at workplace, laboratory use ones are also imported and distributed as international high-quality recognized brands. Sold products are also served for practical usage training, Calibration and repairing. Amigos International Co., Ltd is providing services such as checking the standards of the equipments according to the Customers' wishes, making sure the components are complete, doing the equipment handling trainings not only by the respective proficient employees but also with foreign professionals. It is importing and distributing equipments used in measuring wind, water and land, and laboratory equipment to conduct environmental conservatory researches.

4) Oil & Gas Exploration and Testing Equipment


oil and gas

Myanmar is one of the very first countries that produce oil. On shore oil workplace fileds in central part of Myanmar, called Central Burma Basin, and many off shore oil fields that exist alongside the long coast form North to South highlight how important oil and gas process is in Myanmar.

Amigos International Co., Ltd is working for importing, distributing and providing usage trainings for the Geophysical Measurement Equipment used in Oil Exploration and Development processes such as Geophone and cables, tape and tape drives, softwares used in interpretation and processing, equipment for Geological Investigation measurement, oil and oil products Laboratory Testing Equipment as Fluid Testing Equipments, Core Analysis tools, Lapping, Polishing and Geological Thin Section Cutting, etc.

Moreover, it has been conducting Skills and Knowledge development courses, operational proficiency courses that are needed for all those working in oil and gas process, connecting with respective suppliers.


5) Geophysical Investigation Instrument


geophysical investigation Instrument

Amigos International Co., Ltd has been distributing and selling Geophysical Investigation instruments in partnership with IRIS, Piletest, IDS in Italay. It has also been distributing and selling new teaching technologies to University, Colleges and schools in Myanmar. Installation, usage demonstrations and skill trainings for the sold products are done not only by respective proficient employees but also by professionals from foreign who are invited for the trainings.


6) Tools & Equipment


tool and equipment

As today's living standard becomes higher, new and innovative equipments are invented. Among them, new measurement equipment also emerged. We, Amigos International Co., Ltd, has been importing and distributing quality standard products of measurement in order to perform fundamental measurements for building homes for people to live in, producing transportation vehicles, and producing food and other appliances. It's been distributing those measuring equipment not only to the professionals in the workplace but also to the students as teaching aids.

It sells a variety of Venier Calipers, a variety of measuring Tapes, Hand Level, Spirit Levels as well as the high quality Marker pen for marking the measurements done from high quality Japan made Nagata Seiki and Shinwa brands. Moreover, a variety of Side Cutting Pliers, those of Diagonal Cutting Nippers, Plastic Cutting Nippers, Long Nose Pliers, Cable Handy Cutter, Wire Cutting, Screw Driver Set, Wire Stripper, Vinyl Pipe Cutter, and a variety of Flexible Pipe Cutters are available at Amigos International Co., Ltd.

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