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Services Center of Amigos International Co., Ltd in Yangon is a center built in accordance with experienced professional services engineers and youthful inquiringservices engineers. In order not to cause fatal electric current, the Center is built systematically to be EDC proof. To understand and follow the exact rules that must be followed, and to prevent unnecessary damages, delays and equipment errors, the Services Engineers are sent to local as well as overseas training courses for HSE trainings and maintenance trainings.

Amigos International Co., Ltd has been existing as Services Center that has characteristics of using standard, full-safety proof services tools, making spare parts, services parts for respective products, having formed with experienced services engineers who are professionals and systematically studied and who cooperate with engineers from original overseas production companies, being clean & meeting ISO standards and been serving the best for the Customers.

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Services Center

For the Customers to get convenient of the products, if there is any error except user fault, during the time set, the company provides not only free servicing but also replacing with new equipment if necessary.
Usage about the equipment are explained for each product bought as well as warranty, servicing, repair, Calibration and user trainings are provided continuously as necessary for those of each product. Moreover, not only the products purchased from us but also products of other brands are serviced. Services warranty is given to those other products and if anything happens within that services warranty period, except for user fault, the company would provide free servicing.

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Services Center of Amigos International Co., Ltd is taking care of Calibration processes aiming at regular checking for robustness of some measurement equipment and keeping the accuracy of measurement results. The purpose of Calibration is for the sake of the robustness of your equipment and their measurement accuracy. Only then the measuring equipment can always keep up to the standards, offer full quality and gain trust and priority from the businessmen.

technical support

Technical Support

One special characteristic of Amigos International Co., Ltd is that we do practical training for the products we have sold (not all) at the respective workplaces. We carefully demonstrate to the users from our Customer side how the equipment works, how to operate it, dos & don'ts and ways of maintenance for long term usage. Only then the purchased items would not be a waste to have spent on and gain improvements in workplace performance that would equal up to the items' paid value. We also provide systematic installations by traveling physically to your workplace for volume, massive and complex structures equipment.

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Contact Us

SH-B5(4), Malikha Housing, Yadanar Road,14 Ward Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: 01 - 3566717, 3560135, 3569732
Hp:- 09-443087709, 09 - 5025972, 09 - 260268660,
09 - 421757943, 09 - 422530472
Hot Line: 09 - 261995037, 09 - 252429734, 09 - 262625207
Fax: 01 - 3566717 (Ext -111)

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Mandalay Office

Building No: A-2, Shwe Nan Taw Housing (1), 18st x 19st, Between 58st x 59st, Nan Shae, Aung Myae Thar Zan Tsp, Mandalay.

Phone : 09 - 261995039,
09 - 250678506, 09 - 978888549

[email protected]

Naypyitaw Office

No. Pa/213, Tha Pyay Kone Market Street, Naypyidaw.

Phone : 067 - 3432535,
09 - 421169397, 09 - 400980817