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Amigos International Co., Ltd has been providing services and conducting Geodetic surveying Services with professional geodetic surveyor and latest  equipment . Geodetic surveying work Services has become the essential role in today’s  construction and infrastructure  as Constructions, dam and irrigation canal constructions,building roads and bridges, Oil & Gas exploration Sector , etc. Thus, let Amigos Surveying & Digital Mapping Services help for getting fast and precise geodetic survey data in your current projects.

The Survey Team of Amigos has been taking care of -

  • Construction Survey
  • Leveling Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Road Survey
  • DGPS Control Points Survey
  • Seismic Survey and Monitoring Survey

We use of Geomax brand latest geodetic surveying equipment, imported from Switzerland, and by professionals fast and precisely. The instruments are constantly checked for robustness and accuracy by the service engineers who have been sent overseas and have studied systematically. Moreover, Amigos Survey Team has many experiences in various geodetic survey projects together with local and overseas companies all over Myanmar. We guarantee that your businesses can fully trust on our organization since we have been striving for improving quality by continuous learning about the ever advancing technologies and ever evolving instruments. Since Amigos International Co., Ltd is a company that has been working partnership with international organizations, we could achieve the new technologies and trainings constantly. Thus, in processing data and mapping, we can produce high quality data and maps using not only the formerly common used Auto Desk Land Desktop Software but also using high software as Global Mapper, Google Earth, Micro Survey, X-Pad office MPS etc. Let us, Amigos Surveying & Digital Mapping Services take the responsibility of precise data, trustworthy qualities for your businesses until you find satisfaction.


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Contact Us

SH-B5(4), Malikha Housing, Yadanar Road,14 Ward Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: 01 - 3566717, 3560135, 3569732
Hp:- 09-443087709, 09 - 5025972, 09 - 260268660,
09 - 421757943, 09 - 422530472
Hot Line: 09 - 261995037, 09 - 252429734, 09 - 262625207
Fax: 01 - 3566717 (Ext -111)

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Mandalay Office

Building No: A-2, Shwe Nan Taw Housing (1), 18st x 19st, Between 58st x 59st, Nan Shae, Aung Myae Thar Zan Tsp, Mandalay.

Phone : 09 - 261995039,
09 - 250678506, 09 - 978888549

[email protected]

Naypyitaw Office

No. Pa/213, Tha Pyay Kone Market Street, Naypyidaw.

Phone : 067 - 3432535,
09 - 421169397, 09 - 400980817